Please read our T&Cs before booking.


We only cover Mainland UK and Wales. We DO not cover Scottland and Ireland right now. We will give you an estimated time and date of arrival. If you need to change the time or date as this doesn't work for you, please give us 24hours to change this for you. We can deliver or collect animals from your work place, family and friends to ensure there is always an option for us to successful complete the delivery.


The Van is fitted with 100w heated racking for your smaller animals, and tempature set to about 25c. We also have a tube heater to keep the ambient tempature nice and warm, usually set to room tempature. In the summer we have cooling systems to ensure your reptiles don't over heat. We also have heat matts available on the van for larger reptiles who cannot get into the rack. We can take vivariums and equipment depending on size and how busy we are.


We hold a type 2 DEFRA transporter authorisation which covers us for all journeys even those over 8 hours, including DWAA species, and as such provide care to your animal(s) as needed by the species and required by our authorisation. All we need to book you on is an email with names, address, postcodes and Mobile numbers, We cannot accept any job without a Mobile number for both collection and delivery. email addresses for both addresses. Please include confirmation of acceptance of price, and if payment will be by sender or receiver.

Please make sure your animal is in a safe container for travel, we recommend not feeding your animal 24hours piror to transport to prevent any regurgitation.


Payment We take 50% deposit 2 Days before our run, and 50% on the door. Cash is also welcomed. We also accept full payment for those who wish to do so. IF a deposit isn't paid 2 days before our run, your booking will be cancelled. Please note that we only accept, Reptiles, critters and amphibians. We prefer Paypal payments and BACS.


We do not accept furry animals under any circumstances to prevent cross contamination.

We have decided to remove online tracking due to our van possibly being tracked by the wrong person, Sometimes we are parked in isolated areas. (VAN NEVER UNSUPERVISED) 

Please contact us via, Email or facebook. we do not accept phone call unless of an emergency


We have a bundle of experience with reptiles and snakes and provide 24hour welfare checks on your animals. We have a vets number on call if anything was to happen. Please Note, WE DO NOT hold liability to any animal illness, drop tails ect. We do a animal welfare check to see fit for travel. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND REPTILES MAY NOT REACH DESTINATIONS WITHIN 24HOURS